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Our Story

Welcome from the Gold Country!

We are located in the heart of the Gold Country in the tiny community of Altaville, just a few miles northeast of Angels Camp, California.  The area is  historic by California standards and was heavily populated by Italian immigrants during and after the gold rush in the 1850’s. Neighboring ranches are owned by ancestors of immigrant families and by the names, you would think you were in the heart of Tuscan territory, not in the foothills of California’s Gold Country.

The Vision and Goal

Our vision was to enhance the natural beauty of the property and create a sustainable farming operation. Our goal is to serve the local and surrounding communities with a bio diverse operation focusing on Estate grown Olive Oil and Petite Sirah wine.  We also grow heirloom tomatoes for friends & family which at some point may be used to supply local Farmers Markets.  We are in the process of becoming Organic Certified consistent with our sustainable goal.

We planted our first olive orchard with olive trees purchased from an importer who acquired tree cuttings from Lucca Italy in 1982. The trees have grown very quickly, adapting to the natural soil and Mediterranean climate conditions we have in the Sierra Foothills, similar to where our Olive Tree root stock comes from.  Our vineyard was planted with Petite Sirah grapes, chosen for their bold and big taste which is crafted into an estate grown wine.

Why Dogtown Orchard’s?

We got our name name from the road our property fronts on, Dogtown Road, a historic ranch road going back to the Gold Rush days leading from Angels Camp to Murphy’s. We decided to embrace the historical reference of the area by adopting the Dogtown name and try our best to fade into the scenic fabric of the ranching community.  While our product has ties to the Italian ranching and agricultural history, our neighbors are the real thing, Italian immigrant descendants prospering in these modern times while still embracing their cultural and ranching history.

The Eudy Family