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Aix Sponsa Cellars Petite Sirah

Barrel-aged in French Oak for 30 months, this Petite Sirah was handcrafted to enhance the bold characteristics of the varietal. Our wine continues the legacy of wine making dating back to the mid 1800's in the "Gold Country" of California. Our ranch, at 1,500 feet above sea level, over the fog, yet below the snow, is an ideal climate which allows this grape to reach its full potential. 

We derived our name from Aix Sponsa, commonly known as the "Wood Duck," the most beautiful and colorful of North American waterfowl. The species thrives on the lake riparian habitat fronting our vineyard, so we chose this name to represent our wine. Given our close interweaving with this duck, we take special pride in managing a Wood Duck nesting program partnership with the California Waterfowl Association. 

In celebration of our great country's history and pioneer spirit, we ask that you enjoy this wine with family and friends. We encourage everyone to embrace and promote an active outdoor lifestyle and work to enhance the future preservation of all legacy outdoor activities for our children and future generations to come. 

-The Eudy Family 

Aix Sponsa Petite Sirah: About Us
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